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About Our Scientific Research

GeoVortex’ s principal investigator is Johnny Tesone. An independent, senior geologist, and it was during 2020 and beyond that through disciplined micro photography, expertise in the field and mapping that he has made a series of Earth-, Life- and Astro-science discoveries.
These revelations were the culmination of research into the geological characteristics of an exposed formation in the Wind River Mountains of WY to the plains of Colorado.

GeoVortex is now presenting its unprecedented research to the scientific community with a goal of establishing collaboration with other serious researchers.

How We Work

Our research work is performed using standard equipment in a diligent, scientific, resourceful manner while utilizing open-sourced discovery tools, including Google Earth imaging of a 500-mile diameter area of the western US on to digital library on a world scale.

The discovery samples were collected on open, public and non-private lands without need of special permitting. Key samples were analyzed by an independent electron microscopy laboratory.

Future Research

We envision working in cooperation with private research and universities seeking to participate in one of the most exciting scientific breakthrough discoveries of our lifetimes. We welcome professional participation and donations for the voluminous amount of digital and material evidence primed for researchers, universities, and private organizations to obtain the material library in rocks, skeletons and/or digital archives.
Validation from top scientists and news outlets would help bring the story making history at the forefront of new world science breakthrough and should interest many certain groups. The world’s top researchers to examine all that has been found—and critically assess its value and worth. This discovery is meant to be shared.
For more information on future please contact us immediately.

What we offer

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