Alien Alloys On Earth? Mainstream Geology Only Gets To Them Now

Some people are still curious whether there is an alien or not. In relation to it, the New York Times publicized a story that the US Department of Defence provided a $22 million program to investigate UFOs between 2007 and 2012. The story revealed three things which include the following:

Alien alloys? What’s the truth behind this story? 

According to Richard Sachleben, retired chemist and member of the American Chemical Society’s panel of experts, “I don’t think it’s plausible that there’s any alloy we can’t identify.” My opinion? That’s quite impossible.”

Sachleben added that alloy is a mixture of various elemental metals. It is ordinary on earth. Brass and steel are alloys. In fact, the natural-occurring gold in the planet is consist of elemental gold that is combined with other metals such as copper or silver.

May Nyman, Oregon State University Department of Chemistry, said that databases are present to all metal phases, including alloys. These databases come with straightforward techniques to identify metal alloys. So, if there’s an unusual alloy, it can be simple to find out what material it is was made from. Nyman stated that the X-ray diffraction technique is used for crystalline alloys, which have a mixture of atoms that form an ordered structure.

Nyman stated, “How has the hunk of metal changed?” “From my perspective as a scientist, that’s the type of question I’d be asking. Maybe, if it has to do with world politics, and we want to know where the metal comes from, maybe some analysis can lead you to where it was mined, or what nation uses that specific alloy, that kind of thing.”

The X-ray’s wavelength has a similar size to the distance between the atoms. It means that as the X-rays go to the well-ordered material, they diffract. Then, you can get details that tell the distance between the atoms, how they are well-ordered and what the atoms are. It also allows you to determine the arrangement of the atoms.

Nyman also explained that if the craft comes from space, travel could leave metal telltale signs through ionization and spacefaring debris. Both Sachleben and Nyman agreed that even an alloy chunk that hasn’t been recognized before did fall from the outer space of the earth; it wouldn’t be necessarily a material from the craft of an alien.

Sachleben stated that alloys regularly strike the earth. Space-traversing alloys such as those in usual nickel-iron meteorites that leave telltale signs.

Geologists research about minerals can be extraterrestrial in origin 

Based on the study by geologists at the University of Maryland and University of Toronto, some minerals that lie in the rock beneath the earth’s surface can be possible extraterrestrial in origin.

Why are alloys mineable and detectable? The study results revealed that it can be caused by known internal processes and can be added by a rain of extraterrestrial debris like meteorites and comets.

According to speculations of geologists, about four and a half billion years ago, the earth was a colt mass of rock combined with melted iron metal through heat generated from the impact of huge planet-sized objects. It allows the iron to separate from the rock and earth’s core form.  William McDonough  and Brenan from the University of Maryland recreated the temperature and pressure of the said procedure. It is subject to the same mixture to temperatures above 2000 degrees Celsius. It measures the composition of the resulting iron and rock.

When the rock was void of the metal on the procedure, some scientists anticipate that the same can occur when the Earth was formed.It is also believed that the rain of extraterrestrial materials, has contributed to the appearance of precious metal in the outer rocky portion of the earth.

The story regarding the alien alloys was published like this:

The organization  (included in the DOD research) modified the buildings in Las Vegas for the metal alloys storage and other components believed by program contractors had been recovered from unknown aerial phenomenon.

Researchers also observed individuals who had experienced physical effects from encounters with the objects and test them for any physiological changes. Additionally, researchers told members of the military service who had reported observation of strange aircraft.

With that statement, there’s no sign of unusual thing about the alloys themselves. Times publicized that the DOD researchers tasked with finding weird stuff of UFO gathered some metal and interviewed some individuals that claimed startling experience and claimed that it was UFO related.

Does the UFO program still exist? 

Way back in 2020, Pentagon admitted that the UFO program still exists. However, the Navy’s alien sightings don’t add up. It was believed that the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program had ended way back in 2012. However, it still exists under the auspices of the US Office of Naval Intelligence and with the new name of the Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon Task Force.

If they still forking over tax dollars to delve into the odd goings-on in the sky, they might get convincing evidence of extraterrestrial visitors, which may be a source of alien alloys.

Final Words 

Generally, there is still no evidence of alien alloys on earth. Many studies show that all types of alloys can be easily determined through different techniques. So, the story published by the New York Times about UFOs was still quite confusing to some people.

Studies are still ongoing about terrestrial materials, especially alien alloys. Meanwhile, it can’t be denied that the earth is rich in minerals, including alloys. The alloys come with different uses in various industries. However, researchers from the said program still don’t lose hope in finding potential alien alloys.