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Scientific discoveries throughout the ages have provided humanity pivot points to advance knowledge and understanding of our world and its celestial events. Our mission is to preserve and advance knowledge through interdisciplinary research. As a launching point, GeoVortex is producing video documentation for scientists and serious researchers that present details of the discoveries.

The Secret of the Winds video series will encompass the following: case

The EIN species still lives! After initial discovery of the ground zero depositional evidence, multiple sets of bones, hair, skin and organs were found in different sites in CO that indicate the EIN species is still thriving in at least 3 states, perhaps Canada and other possible areas in the world. EIN Files presents EIN crystals, mummies, skeletons, anatomy glossary & more.

Astonishing, ancient petroglyph meanings are revealed for the first time with Exterran Infinitas Nimerigarus (EIN) species.

The Quantum Conformity


Exterranium was discovered through in-depth correlating evidence, microscopic examination of carbonate rock matrices, gemstones, and fossils. Undoubtedly Exterranium is a newly identified, unbounded mineral.
The astounding geochemical properties include cementing and solubility properties are found to bond to plastics, metal, and wood. Microscopic images of the fractal evidence support the thesis that superior life participated in the geological event greater than 500 million years ago resulting in the terraformations, unveiling of new life forms on Earth.

How Are Earth? The terraforms

This video series illustrates the geological conditions and science that will start explain more about the newly discovered super species. The video describes the species and its expanse, complexities of the invasion episodes, surface impacts, terraform dams, complex rocket mining sitescorrelated with the species habitat.
The geological sequel is coming Fall of 2021.