World Changing Research in the Heart of the Rocky Mountains

A New Dawn of Discovery

The most significant evidence of earth’s bombardment periods and an organic superalloy species.

The GeoVortex Journey To Unlocking The Secrets Of The Earth

There is much to be said of the discovery of new and vital information for the earth and its long-winding history. Scientists around the world are enamored and excited by the prospects that are hidden in plain sight around the globe. New technology, such as Google Earth, is allowing scientists to discover clues and patterns that can result in incredible convictions that will shape our planet’s story and change our future.

Johnny Tesone is one such journeyman. His expertise in the field of geology and an epiphany in the Wind River Range set him on a journey that has led to monumental discoveries. He’s successfully analyzed fossils and patterns that are not quite typical of this earth and has spent the better part of the last few years determining their origin.

Using his broad scientific capability and experience in the field of Geology, he has since commissioned a docuseries and scientific papers that he hopes will shed light on one of the many mysteries of our time.

Totem Discovery

GeoVortex is both a company and personal brand, borne from my life events that launched intense research over the last year. First, in July 2020, in the Wind River Range, Wyo. I was touched by a physical, super-peaceful force. I call it a vortex feeling on the Wind River that day in a magnificent geologic setting that forever changed my life. There it was–a totem cliff face, images and lines that displayed a secret earth story. The event has propelled me into finding a storm of revolutionary discoveries of earth, life and astro-science phenomenon.

That day lit up my world, providing me a new astounding vision, with an ever-deepening comprehension learned at a spellbinding pace. This is GeoVortex.

The discovery material is expertly documented for the ages in the video series “Secrets of the Winds”. Its 9 chapter titles are masterly outlined with never-seen earth symbols deciphered along with all the other stunning footage for the viewers to follow my trails. This is something Einstein and DaVinci would be proud of, and I know the world can now see this as I do.

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