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An alternative Nature

Nature has provided an amazing record for science that solves one of the greatest mysteries of our world.

Behold, a new world to discover, to feel the journey through the geological records and explore the divergent paths of early life that, now revealed, will forever change our understanding of the existence of intelligent beings on Earth.

From the deep vacuum of space, Exterranium plummets into earth’s primordial atmosphere where it explodes in the warm, shallow early Paleozoic ocean (543 million year ago) of equatorial North America.

Newly discovered records of this depositional event, including the resultant Exterranium fossils, crystals, mineral and million-year old petroglyphs, will change our understanding of life on Earth forever.


GeoVortex has produced a documentary series ‘Secrets of the Winds’. This thrilling saga includes actual discovery footage along with fly over shots that present the geological, species evidence from both scientific and historical perspectives.

‘Secrets of the Winds’ consists of the following subjects:

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