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Fundamental Planetary Discoveries

This Late Ordovician fractal matrix is ever expanding in nature.

Invasive Events, Infinite Species

Nature has provided an amazing record for science that solves some of the greatest mysteries of our world.

Behold, a new world to discover, to feel the journey through the geological records and explore the divergent paths of early life that, now revealed, will forever change our understanding of the existence, explanations of intelligent beings on Earth, The Great Unconformity, and the Mass extinctions periods.

From the deep vacuum of space, Exterranium plummets into earth’s primordial atmosphere where it explodes, expands in the warm, shallow Paleozoic ocean, Late Ordovician (440 mya) of equatorial North America is when the the second biggest extinction period occurs. The ocean chemistry, temperature changed the sediments drastically but event has never recorded in the fossil record until now. 

Newly discovered records of this depositional event, including the resultant Exterranium fossils, crystals, mineral and million-year old petroglyphs, will change our understanding of life, geology, physics on earth and the galaxies forever.


GeoVortex has produced a documentary series ‘Secrets of the Winds’. This thrilling saga includes actual discovery footage along with fly over shots that present the geological, species evidence from both scientific and historical perspectives.  The eBook Trilogy 1, slide show will be published first as a separate web page. 

eBook content and subjects:

Alien Organic Gas Crystal - Extreme water activation properties

Splash down of secondary invasion species estimated, started from est. 440 mya to current (secondary UFO's) evident by
impactor sites in Western US to worldwide . These South America specimens are measured in miles.

Species exhibits layered fortified outer walls that sprawl upon landing and spreads over land to create water controlled geosystem. Secondary UFO's sightings exhibited as pulsating disks, gliding triangles often in formations.

Exterran Infinitas Lotus Erucaesum (EILE)

Species is geological 'Missing Link' of 1.5B years of earth geochemically reconstituted
creating secondary invasion period that also casused Earth's mass extinctions.

Super matter rocket species exhibits fractal spiral staged design for sprawl at landing as geological remnants.

Primary UFO sightings are seen as phase changes exhibited all over the world as these
3' to 300 ' long brilliant flashes, hyper flying objects with advanced propulsion, warping and cloaking seen on land and ocean abyss.

alien fusion rocket found on google earth by Johnny Tesone