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Fundamental Planetary Discoveries

Structured, super compaction geological applications
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Related Earth events, reconstituted water, matter
Yellowstone snowball earth

Colossal Earth Events, Infinite Species System

Nature has provided an amazing record for science that solves some of the greatest mysteries of our world. Behold a new world to discover, feel the journey through the oldest geological records, and explore the divergent paths of early life that, now unearthed, will forever change our understanding of the existence, and explanations of the first intelligent beings’ arrivals and procreation. The book will illustrate the first massive outer space rocket landing, the Great Unconformity, the Great Mass Extinctions periods, the Cambrian Life Big Bang, and the worldwide Yellowstone explosion that blew out the continents. From the deep vacuum of space, Exterranium Rocket plummets into Earth’s primordial atmosphere where it penetrates the hot core and floods the Earth with a water ocean. The ocean chemistry and temperature changed the sediments drastically but the event has never been recorded in the fossil record until now. 

Newly discovered records of this depositional event, including the resultant Exterranium fossils, crystals, minerals, and million-year-old petroglyphs, will change our understanding of life, geology, and physics on Earth and the galaxies forever.

Repeated Mass Bombardments
Trilobite extinction

Documentary Videos

GeoVortex has produced a documentary YouTube channel ‘Secrets of the Winds’. This thrilling early video journal includes actual discovery content presenting the geological, species evidence from both scientific and historical perspectives. 

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