Alien Drones Traces and Remains – Understanding the UFO Drone Principles

Here’s a slide show of some incredible Alien drones, disguised in an extra dimension as airplanes and helicopter terraforms that I captured around the world. There are many science and technology methods that were uncovered in the research resultants from geology, materials science, and condensed matter physics – This will be a separate chapter of Science in the e-learning series that will be announced soon.

Have you seen alien drones before? Do you believe in UFO drone principles?

Many people in different parts of the US reported seeing a similar UFO type between 2006 and 2007. That UFO was saucer-shaped and 25 ft in diameter with tentacle-looking wires that could extend around 30 ft into the body.

The UFO was nicknamed “dragonfly drone” due to its unusual patterns of movement and shapes and tended to be controlled remotely. People who witnessed those objects said they would appear and disappear in a few seconds.

In 2007, a UFO documentary filmmaker and researcher, Linda Moulton Howe, received twelve photos of those dragonfly drones in her email. Since then, she has been motivated to determine what objects were and their origin.

Knowing Linda Moulton Howe

Linda Moulton Howe was not a UFO filmmaker and researcher from the very start. She tried entering a beauty contest, hoping to win a scholarship in college, winning the Miss Idaho title in 1963. She studied at University and Colorado and graduated cum laude. She also studied at Stanford University and then received a master’s degree in communications.

Howe was recognized for her outstanding work in television documentaries and the UFO field. In particular, she is interested in alien life. She is inspired to know if the government works with those extraterrestrials to progress technology.

Many people send her different images of the UFOs mentioned above when checking Howe’s work in the UFO field. The said photos were captured at the Big Basin, Redwoods, California. Aside from those images, the witnesses also reported verbal descriptions.

Howe said, “In addition to the description of their size, the people who had seen the objects said they spun in one direction, then changed directions, still spinning.”

Based on Howe’s vast experience in the UFO field, she knew that the observers’ reports and knew that the images were authentic. Right after receiving the images, she received a phone call from a person who knew secret information regarding the dragonfly drones. He only introduced himself by the name Isaac who is considered a government whistleblower.

Knowing Issac 

Around the 1980s, Isaac used to work at Commercial Applications Research for Extraterrestrial Technology (CARET) secret program in Alto, California. Together with other computer specialists, his task was to integrate technology learned from extraterrestrials into US manufactured drones.

After seeing the images, Isaac mentioned that he had recognized several parts he helped develop through alien drone technology. In return, Howe was intrigued by what he had said. So, they had open communications.

Isaac said, “Between 200 and 300 scientists working in the building. Their mission was to see if, in the Palo Alto atmosphere, the scientists could accelerate the learning of a new computer language or, at least, try and figure out a new language to use in the dragonfly drones.”

From that phone call, he told Howe that he was a computer scientist and an electrical engineer who had worked for the Department of Defense for a few years and was selected to work in the CARET program.

Each scientist is prohibited from sharing information. So, Isaac has no idea what others’ specific assigned tasks are. His main objective was to determine how alien technology worked and apply it to viable products for commercial use. However, he did not know that technology’s origin and was only told it was a non-human tech.

Meanwhile, he knows why the UFOs in the images appeared, disappeared, and reappeared. That is because the dragonfly drones were invisible. The light surrounding those objects would bend, making the invisibility momentarily flicker once the frequencies are jammed.


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