Ancient and Secret Alien Technology on Earth – Top Keys and Clues Let’s admit it. The existence of aliens has long been a discussion among space experts and conspiracy theorists. Space agencies such as NASA have long contradicted claims of alien existence, but they are still on the hunt to locate extraterrestrials that may be living in outer space. Nonetheless, conspiracy theorists debate that aliens have been visiting our planet for many years. they’re blaming the government for covering the existence of alien life. Are you currently looking for signs of ancient alien technology on Earth? If yes, then you’ve just hit the jackpot. This post aims to present you with the information you need about alien technology on our planet. Now, if you’re ready, then let’s dive in!

Flying saucers are seen everywhere!

Browsing the World Wide Web using the keyword UFO will occupy a plethora of video clips showing unidentified flying objects floating across the skies in different parts of the globe. However, don’t forget that there are a few genuine clips that remain mysterious and unanswered. Ancient and Secret Alien Technology on Earth – Top Keys and Clues. One such real clip was captured from Turkey on May 13th, 2009, at around 2:20 in the morning. The video highlights an uncanny flying object was soaring across the skies. Intriguingly, you can also see two unidentified beings sitting on the deck, especially through the transparent UFO. As the clip become viral online, the Council for Scientific and Technological Research builds a team to evaluate the authenticity of the video. After nearly a decade of comprehensive research. The team discovered that the flying object found in the clip didn’t have an earthly origin. On top of that.
UFO research
agencies such as the Mutual UFO Network are receiving regular reports of UFO detections that happen in different parts of the world. That clearly shows that some odd phenomenon is happening in the skies. Still, a few groups of people think that such crafts are secret military aircraft made by Russia and the US. The imminent question is: whether do those aircraft have an alien source or are they’re only a mysterious military vessel such as the alleged TR-3B? Remarkable ancient structures around the globe You will find many structures on the planet, such as the Nazca Lines, the ancient Egyptian pyramids at Giza, as well as the Sacsayhuaman that are too massive, too complicated, and too heavy for the ancient humans to create in the first place! Can you believe that? Even in our modern world, humans will still find it challenging to create such gigantic structures with excellent architecture. Thus, who created those huge structures? Well, the answer to that question remains a mystery and paradox at the same time. Extremely and highly developed aerospace threat identification program Did you know that the Pentagon shocked the whole planet in December 2017 by admitting that they have performed a UFO search program under the name Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program. The most shocking part is that the million-dollar project was performed to uncover the mysteries that surround the UFO sightings across the Earth. The US Defense Department also released a clip that features an unidentified flying object that was being tracked and trailed by the US F-18 jet. Intriguingly. The UFO discovered in the clip flew across the sky. challenging all the established laws of physics. It also shows that the object is made from highly advanced alien technology
Ancient cave paintings that conceal a million ambiguities
Several years ago, some archeologists in India found some strange cave paintings in rocks at Charama Chhattisgarh. Fascinatingly, those rock paintings portrayed alien-like figures that wore suits likely similar the modern-day space suits. In addition, the shocking drawings presented disc-shaped flying sauces, each of them with a fan-like antenna and three legs as well. Archeologists analyzed cave drawings and concluded that those cave illustrations were painted before ten thousand years. For us human beings, space travel became a reality in the twentieth century. Now, the question is, how can early Indians draw illustrations that feature aliens and flying saucers? Try to think about that. Another famous illustration of aliens in cave paintings seen in Canada, British Columbia, and Christina Lake. Such sketches feature flying saucers with massive wings hovering above a group of people. Also, famous TV anchor Giorgio Tsoukalos. which is popular for presenting Ancient Aliens on History Channel, exposed that those aliens used to visit humans in the earliest ages. The TV conspiracy theorist also explained that the earliest humans had misunderstood alien visitors as deities. their secret alien technology was understood as magic. People who believe in this hypothesis also debate that the aliens had brought such innovative culture and knowledge to the human civilization on Earth.
Disclosure from a top Canadian minister
The former Canadian Minister of National Defense, Mr. Paul Hellyear, came out of nowhere to argue that aliens have been visiting our planet for many thousand years already. He also mentioned that the United States Air Force has been utilizing aircraft and weapons created with alien technology since the early 1960s. There you have it! What are your thoughts about the ancient alien technology on Earth? Do you think more clues are still hiding? We love to know your insights. Share your thoughts by leaving your comments below!