People say that when you dream of falling, that means your life is not going well. It may also suggest that you have to rethink your life choices.  What if you dream of being chased? Interpreters say that dream may indicate that you try to avoid something in your life.  How about a dream of flying? According to the author of Dream Dictionary, Tony Crisp, it represents two sides. It may suggest a feeling of independence or freedom. Or it may indicate a desire to escape from the reality of life.  Now, what if you dream of UFOs? Since it is something new and different, you are probably confused. But don’t feel that way, as below are the common dreams about aliens and their meanings. 

Dreaming As An Alien 

It is uncommon to have aliens dream. But it happens. While some people usually get a glimpse of an eerie green creature or a high-end spaceship, others may dream about being an alien themselves. What does it mean, though? 

1. You May Feel Like You Are a Stranger in a Social Gathering

 Whether you appear as a top-secret alien or you land on a planet as an invader in your dream, it may suggest that you feel like a stranger in a social gathering. As a result, you overthink how to fit in the world and hope to find new friends. 

2. You Think About New Problems

 Dream Christ has a different interpretation, though. It says that being an alien in a dream means thinking about a problem that is not as serious as you think, luckily. So, there is nothing to worry about. If you are having a hard time lately and became an alien in your dream, you probably know now. 

3. It Presents an Undiscovered or Hidden Part of Your Personality

Dream Astro Meanings also has another interpretation. This dream may indicate the hidden or undiscovered parts of your personality. What is this personality that you do not know yet, you may wonder? To avoid any guessing game, personality development can come into play. This dream can also mean a desire to change your reality. But wake up and have that courage to face whatever challenges you encounter along the way. It may be terrible in the first place. Fortunately, all your efforts will be worth it at the end of the day. 

Seeing a UFO in Your Dream

It is always fascinating to see a UFO in sci-fi movies. Witnessing one in a dream, however, is more breathtaking than ever. So what does this aliens dream mean, you may ask? 

4. You Are Perhaps Facing an Unfamiliar Situation

 Experts explain that seeing a UFO in a dream may indicate that you may be facing something unfamiliar that you are afraid and nervous about. Of course, that’s normal, and you are a human after all. But every time you encounter a new situation, believe in yourself and remember that everything will be all right. 

5. You Are on the Hunt for New Ideas

Yes, you read it right. Although it may sound weird to have an aliens dream, it suggests that you are looking for an innovative and creative idea. The spaceship can also mean that you are in search of professional and spiritual development. Plus, you may always overthink about the future, which is not good. That’s why you should always focus on the present. 

6. It Is a Reminder of a Certain Experience

Spaceships in a dream remind you that no matter how hard you try to forget a negative experience in the past, it still hurts every time it crosses your mind. But, that’s a part of the process, and it takes time and effort to move on. It does not happen overnight, indeed. Also, every experience is a good learning opportunity to help you grow as a person and a professional. 

Abducted By An Alien 

Getting kidnapped in a dream is scary, which you do not want to experience. But what if an alien abducts you in your plan? That would be scarier and more terrible than you have ever thought. But it is just a dream, remember. What does it suggest, though? 

7. It May Represent a Desire to Escape from a Situation or Your Life as a Whole

This may sound negative. But it is not. It can mean that you like something new in your life. Perhaps, you want a progression or advancement in your career. Maybe, you pick another skill to learn and acquire. 

8. It can Indicate that You Are Overpowered or Oppressed by Someone

 An alien abduction can also represent something negative in your life. Some say that a strange kidnapping nightmare indicates that you may feel oppressed by a family member. It also suggests that you are facing a challenge. 

Alien Invasion Nightmares

Who says alien invasion can be only be seen in movies? You can also see it in your dreams. What does it mean? 

9. It Has to Do With Fear

An alien invasion nightmare may suggest that you fear losing someone endears to you the most. Some explain it is a sign of feeling under attack. This can further imply your lack of confidence and insecurity. 

10. You Refuse to Make Changes in Your Life

 Life is fun. But at some point in time, you would feel tired and unsatisfied with what life has to offer. Then, you are more likely to feel stuck or stagnant physically, emotionally, and mentally. If that happens, allow yourself to meditate and reflect. It is also essential to find your passion. Remember that everyone on earth has a purpose. Another thing to do is make sure to surround yourself with optimistic people. 

Fighting with Aliens 

It sounds cool to fight the aliens, even if it is in a dream. But this type of nightmare can mean something negative. 

11.  You May Be Suffering from Depression

Is everything not good in your life lately? Did you lose your job? Or did a special someone recently break up with you? That’s terrible. But do not forget that you are not alone. Other people are willing to help.