Have Aliens Visited the Earth – And Where Are They If They Have?

In the 1940s and the 50s, reports of aliens and flying saucers became huge American cultural phenomena. Sightings of odd bits and pieces in the sky turned into the raw materials for Hollywood to display visions of possible threats.

Posters for films such as the Earth vs. the Flying Saucers from 1956 illustrate those fears. Linked to continuous ideas about life on the Moon, concepts about aliens, flying saucers, the canals on Mars, and Martian Civilizations have come to represent the fears and hopes of the modern world.

Thus, are those alleged visitors from other plants benevolent and peaceful, or would they attack and ruin humanity? The damaging power of the atomic bomb called into doubt the increasing potential of technology. Fear of the likelihood of destruction in the Cold War era was abundant ground for terrestrial fears to manifest visions of strange visitors and flying saucers from other planets which might be hidden among us in plain sight.

These days, scientists understand that there are millions, probably billions of planets in the universe, which could keep life. Thus, in the long history of everything, why has not any of that life made it far enough into space and shook hands with humans? Well, it could be that the universe is simply too big to navigate.

It could be that the aliens are ignoring us. It could also be that each developing civilization is doomed to ruin itself. Or it could be something much stranger. Here are some of the theories proposed by scientists on where aliens have been hiding if they have visited the Earth.

Where Are the Aliens?

Two places are iconic among UFO seekers. One of in Roswell, New Mexico, where findings of the so-called flying saucers captivated the town in 1947. The other place is Area 51, close to Groom Lake, Nevada, where the American government has long sustained a secret base that others say hides alien-related experiments and technology.

Both of those much-debated and mysterious sites are front and center in the second season of Project Blue Book, the History channel drama based on a real US Air Force program by the identical name, where teams of professionals studied reports of UFOs from 1952-1969.

They Might Be Just Hiding Inside Our Planet

In 206, UCLA researchers proposed that the planet could be two planets combined after colliding: themselves and Theia. At the time, experts explained they believed the two planetary massages combined uniformly.

Now, Qian Yuan of Arizona State University and his team recommend the mysterious dense spots in the interior of the Earth are the particular parts of Theia that are still intact.

Yuan’s team provided a paper at the 52nd Lunar and Planetary Science Conference explaining that Theia’s mantle might be several percent intrinsically denser than the mantle of Earth. That also allows Theia’s mantle materials to sink to the lowermost mantle of the Earth and form into thermochemical piles, which might cause seismically-observed areas.

The scientists determined particular portions of the planet’s interior and modeled the process by which those portions could have struck Earth and sunk into the center.

However, how have the dense Theia materials remained intact for many years? It is a function of the way the planet’s mantle works, where convection distributes materials of a particular density and temperature.

On top of that, the Theia materials are extremely dense that they sank and never floated back into the convection zone. You can think of that like the materials forming in a sharp corner difficult to reach with the vacuum cleaner.