How Geology Discoveries Slowly Prove We’re Not Alone in the Universe

For hundreds or thousands of years, it is still unknown if extraterrestrial entities do exist. Are aliens real? Or are they just a form of fiction? Significant geology discoveries, however, start to prove that we are not alone in the universe or on earth. Below are some findings that aliens could be real: 

Oumuamua – Solar System’s First Interstellar Visitor

In 2018, scientists were surprised when a mysterious interstellar object, called Oumuamua, was spotted in the solar system, leading to countless theories. 

Upon close observations, the cigar-shaped object was accelerating as if something was pushing it. For that reason, experts believed it was propelled by an alien machine, according to a Harvard University astrophysicist Avi Loeb.

But other scientists opposed his theory. They thought that the acceleration of the interstellar object was because of a natural phenomenon. A team of researchers suggested that the acceleration was likely due to an invisible hydrogen blast on the object’s surface. 

New research published in the Astrophysical Journal Letters by the Korea Astronomy and Space Science Institute astrophysicist Thiem Hoang and Loeb explained that the hydrogen could not work in reality. Thus, there’s a high chance that aliens visited our solar system. 

Another astrophysicist, Darryl Seligman, believed that Oumuamua was a comet as it moved like one. Here’s the problem. It does not tailor the classic coma of a comet, raising questions from the other scientists. So, let us hope for the best. 

UFO Witnessed By the US Navy or Department of Defense

Before the Oumuamua, the US Navy or Department of Defense captured a strange wingless aircraft that looked like a piece of alien machinery in 2004 and 2015. 

But the American intelligence officials did not find any evidence proving that the aerial phenomena were alien spacecraft. 

The military and the scientists were also unable to explain the bizarre movements of the unidentified aircraft. 

The incidents in the past decades did not come from any US government and American military technology. Some experts said that the aircraft could be from China and Russia. A senior official in the department of defense that Russia and China might be doing some experiments on hypersonic technology. Still, it requires further evidence to prove such a claim. So, what’s your thought? IMG 1867

A Mysterious Beam of Energy from Proxima Centauri

In 2019, astronomers detected 980 MHz radio waves at Australia’s Parkes telescope, established to hunt or explore radio signals beyond our solar system, where the country spent around $100 million. 

Unfortunately, the 980 MHZ signal was never detected because the band or radio waves lacked signs from human-made satellites and other crafts. 

The narrow beam radio waves came from the Proxima Centauri, a low-mass star that hosts a gas giant and a rocky world approximately 17% larger than the Earth. It is also surprising to know that the latter is located in the habitable zone of the star. Scientists believe that the possibility of liquid water is higher than expected. 

Experts reported that the unexplained signal resembled the movement of a planet. But it is not final yet as researchers are still looking into other factors, including human technology, hydrogen cloud, and comet. 

A Quarter of the 53 Exoplanets are Considered Ocean Worlds

You perhaps have encountered ocean worlds in your physics class. What is it, though? Can you still recall? As the name implies, it is classified as those having a good amount of water, which is not uncommon in the solar system. 

A good example is the Earth. Aside from that, Saturn has a moon Enceladus that is believed to have watery geysers. Jupiter is also added to the list, where its moon Europa is thought to have vast seas. 

Because of that, scientists planned to send a probe to land on Enceladus and Europa by the 2030s. 

But in June 2020, a study on around 53 exoplanets of the same size as the Earth was published. First, researchers looked into their size, mass, distance from the star, surface temperature, density, orbit, and other factors. Then, they found that around a quarter of the 53 exoplanets could qualify as ocean worlds. 

There’s a High Chance that the 1,004 Nearby Stars are Watching the Earth 

We have been looking for extraterrestrial entities for centuries, in which the NASA or the government have been spending billions of dollars. 

But have you ever thought that the extraterrestrial entities we have been searching for could be doing the same thing? 

Researchers reported that the 1,004 nearby stars are in excellent condition to study the Earth. The lead author and associate professor at Cornell, Liza Kaltenegger, said that if observers from the planets that orbit the stars could find signs of a biosphere in our atmosphere. 

With state-of-the-art or high-end tools that astronomers use, extraterrestrial entities could identify that the Earth has an excellent level of water and oxygen. Therefore, other organisms might already be living on our planet. We never know. Again, it requires more pieces of factual and credible evidence. 

The Clouds of Venus Might Have the Presence of Alien Bacteria

In September of 2020, the online world went wild when news on evidence of life in the clouds of Venus have circulated in the media. 

Researchers found a tremendous amount of a rare and poisonous gas called phosphine linked to living organisms. 

They also explained that any terrestrial bacteria like phosphine could thrive in planets with the most challenging conditions, which could imply that the presence of extraterrestrial entities in the clouds of Venus is not possible. 

As a result, many people are not convinced of alien bacteria on the planet. But the government needs to allocate more funding on this type of study to discover something beyond our imagination. 

So, what’s your thought? Are we not alone in the universe? Do aliens or UFOs exist? More research on any of these geology discoveries can play a critical role.

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