Mystery Holes in the Ground: The Mind-Blowing Facts

The ability of humanity and those of nature truly know no limits. It is thanks to that that the planet has such a diverse landscape and excellent architecture.


 That’s why we have decided to learn more about one of the most remarkable phenomena in our world: mystery holes in the Earth.

What Causes the Holes in the Ground?

As the name indicates, sinkholes often involve land sinking, which triggers holes on the land. They are pits or cavities in the ground that create when water corrodes an underlying rock layer or when the rock is a carbonate rock, salt beds, or limestones that could dissolve by groundwater circulating through them.

As the rock dissolves, caverns and spaces build underground, which causes the surface to be prone to holes. Sinkholes are extremely dramatic as land could remain intact for quite some time until the underground spaces get huge.

If there’s not enough support for the land above the spaces, an unexpected collapse of the land surface will take place, leading to holes.

Top Mystery Holes in the Earth You Need to Know

Here are some of the most mysterious holes you need to be aware of:

  • Guatemala City Sinkhole

In 2010, a twenty-meter pit was developed in the city of Guatemala. It ruined an intersection and slowly swallowed up a three-story factory. The sinkhole happened for many reasons, which include tropical Storm Agathe, the leakage from sewer pipes, and the eruption of Pacaya Volcano.

  • The Heavenly Pit

This hole was developed 128,000 years ago. Did you know that it was one of the deepest and mystery holes in the Earth and a favorite location for folks who love parachuting?

  • The Udachnaya Pipe

This mystery hole in the Earth is a great source of diamonds. It is located in Yakutia, Russia, and is twenty kilometers from the Arctic Circle.

  • The Mir Mine

In addition, the Mir Mine is one of the biggest sources of diamonds you can find in Russia. Currently, the diamonds are extracted deep from within the ground.

  • Siberian Holes

Huge craters at least a hundred feet deep and twenty meters wide have been found in Siberia in 2020. A Russian TV crew flying over the Siberian tundra found the holes. However, scientists do not know what made the massive holes. The recent spotting is the ninth one discovered since 2013.

Initial theories included a meteorite impact, a UFO landing, and even the collapse of a secret underground storage facility. These theories came out after another hole was found in the Yamal Peninsula in northwest Siberia.

  • Dean’s Blue Hole

In case you didn’t know yet, the Dean’s Blue Hole is the deepest blue and mystery hole on the Earth. It can be seen in the Bahamas and is utilized as a training ground for freedivers.

  • The Great Blue Hole

This particular hole is in the middle of the Lighthouse Reef, situated in the Caribbean Sea. It was initially a system of caves that first developed during the recent ice age. Keep in mind that the Great Blue Hole is considered one of the best places on the planet for diving.

  • The Devil’s Sinkhole

This list won’t be complete without the Devil’s Sinkhole. This is a subterranean cave, entry to which is strictly prohibited. However, in summer, it is possible for people to observe three million bats flying out of it.

  • Sawmill Sink

Finally, Sawmill Sink is composed of a bright blue hole in the Bahamas. Currently, it is considered a site of archeological study. It has already assisted many scientists in learning what the Earth was like many thousand years ago.

  • Jones Pass Tunnel                      

The featured image is an active EIN ( Exterran Infinitas Nimerigarus) species tunnel at the base of Jones Pass, Colorado found Oct. ’21 and will be returning Spring ’22 to further investigate the site known as the ‘Rocket Mountain Factory’ specific to the Return Burn episode chapter of the eBook.


  • Little Man Mine’  –

San Pedro Mountain, Carbon CO., Wyo. 1932 – Below is A 3 wide feet, the mine tunnel was found (see below) entombing the EIN worker species where the now famous 17 inch mummy was perfectly preserved and startling the two gold miners. It was not a human child, but in fact was remains the legendary creature named ‘Nimerigar’ or Little People sightings as told by all Native Americans and by countless indigenous tribes world wide.  The mummy’s skeletal images matched precisely to the EIN fossils to the skeletons and to the Dinwoody petroglyphs. 

There you have it, the most terrifying and mysterious holes in the Earth.        

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