Screenshot 09 02 2021 19.03.42Need Proof of Alien Technology on Earth? Read, See This

Alien Technology forms were I found at the beginning of the research by walking the earth’s surface, sampling 1000’s rocks to finding the alien fractal matrix, super alloy metals, alien crystals, and much more.

The bombardment sites that I visited show repeatable impactor characteristics also seen on Google Earth exhibiting an exponential invasion species sprawl over earth time. 

The technological evolution noticeably follows a linear track throughout history. Meanwhile, some people believe that alien technology is proof that our ancestors were once visited and communicated with an advanced race.

A Harvard astronomer and his international team of scientists initiate to look for proof of alien technology on Earth. The Galileo Project will envisage the global creation of medium-sized telescopes, computers, and cameras to investigate UFOs.

Professor Avi Loeb said, “We can no longer ignore the possibility that technological civilizations predated us.” 

The following are some of the ancient artifacts that allegedly proof of extra-terrestrial technology on Earth:

Metal Titanium

The discovery of the metal Titanium took place in 1791. However, it was after 1950 when metal titanium was used for processes involved in military aviation in manufacturing fighter jets that could fly at ultra-fast speeds.

Fiber Optic 

Before 1958, the military and commercial applications of fiber optic were unknown. Then, the prominent Swiss scientists Jacques Babinet and Daniel Colladon initially demonstrated it in the 1840s, which is more than a century prior.

Transistor Designs 

In 1947, Americans created transistor designs, a crucial element in making numerous electronic devices. Before November of 1947, scientists could discover something like transistors, though the attempts to make something like this took hundreds of years. Remember that the Roswell crash took place on July 8, 1947.

BulletProof Vest 

The bulletproof vests were in-demand even in WWII. However, the vests’ quality shot up unexpectedly during the 1950 Korean War.


Little did you know that lasers are a critical fragment of UFOs? Though Albert Einstein came up with the laser beam’s theoretical foundation, it wasn’t before the 60s that someone might have designed something like lasers. That is because they required practical examples to mimic from it.

Remote Control 

In 1955, the remote control was invested. It is believed that remote controls were taken from aliens’ concepts as recovered from crashed spaceships.

Night Vision Cameras 

The invention of the night vision camera took place in 1963. The night vision devices’ concept is supposedly influenced by the iconic Roswell UFO. Remember that Roswell UFO had windows where borders could see the outside view at night with no added light source.


Microchips are an indispensable invention that the modern world should be thankful for. They are also critical evidence of alien technology on Earth. After WWI, scientists from different parts of the world were working to discover something minuscule in size yet could carry as many tasks as possible. In 1952, the microchip theories came to light.

Antikythera Mechanism 

This mechanism is among the most iconic anomalous artifacts that could serve as proof of alien technology on Earth. It was discovered in the Aegean Sea, between the island of Crete and Mainland Greece. In 1900, it was found in the Roman ship’s wreckage and was assumed to have sunk during the first century B.C.

Antikythera is a wheel with individual teeth and multiple gears that create various gear systems. Most people consider it the first computer in the world. In 1974, Dr. Derek de Solla Price recreated it and then recreated it once again to be smaller so that people could wear it as a watch.

However, R&B Director Matthias Buttet said that the Antikythera mechanism is a tech level that was not found in modern times.

Final Thoughts

Alien theorists believe that the evolution of technology resulted from conducting reversed engineering on the allegedly crashed alien spaceships in Roswell, New Mexico, in 1947. What do you think of the ideas above? Are they enough to prove the existence of alien technology on Earth?



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