The Discovery Portal to Extraterrestial Life

The most significant evidence of Earth’s Event Horizon is found in the earliest, ocean bottom remnants to the recent geological signatures of an organic, superalloy rocket species by tracing its invasion life cycle from finding the first mother ship hitting this planet 5-billion-years ago, creating life on Earth and the Moon.

Unlocking Earth's Ultimate Secrets

Embark on a breathtaking journey with Secrets of the Winds – The Discovery Chronicles of Earth’s Galactic Odyssey. It’s a 360-page, 1000 + photo and narrative odyssey that reveals the most significant discoveries about our planet and its connections to the cosmos.
It’s an adventure into the core of Earth’s geological and cosmic history, filled with groundbreaking evidence that challenges everything we thought we knew.
Imagine exploring the unknown through pages that chronicle Earth’s Mass Extinction periods, the perplexing Great Unconformity, and the mystifying sightings of UFOs.
With Secrets of the Winds – The Discovery Chronicles of Earth’s Galactic Odyssey, you gain more than knowledge—you get visual proof and scientific interpretations that paint a new picture of our world.
The book spans from ancient oceanic depths to recent geological phenomena, offering an enlightened view of our planet’s dynamic history.
Central to the narrative is the Yellowstone ‘smoking gun,’ a colossal geological formation that erupted during the late Precambrian.
This book uses vivid photography and engaging storytelling to demonstrate how such landmarks are crucial to understanding Earth’s enigmatic past and its place within the universe.
But the journey doesn’t stop at geological wonders. “The Discovery Portal to Extraterrestrial Life” is deeply personal, born from the transformative experiences of the founder of GeoVortex.
During an expedition in the Wind River Range, Wyoming, a mysterious force — termed the geovortex — ignited a series of profound insights. This book captures these moments in evocative vignettes, connecting readers with the awe-inspiring discoveries that reshaped a life.
Prepare yourself for a transformative experience that will change the way you see our planet. This book is your gateway to understanding not just the history of Earth, but its intricate connections with the broader cosmos. Discover the secrets long hidden within our world and step into a realm where the past and future collide.
Are you ready to challenge what you know and explore what you don’t? This book invites you on an unforgettable journey to the edges of science and beyond.

Precambrian Index fossil - Wind River, Wyoming
Fremont Co., WY, 1cm. Precambrian embryonic index fossil
Weston Co., WY, 10 mile-long organic rocket species named in book
Book includes NASA photo validation that the species also invaded Mars, but was it from Earth they invaded?
Rocket Earth

This is the Rocket Planet

The Alien STEM rennaissance is here, are we ready?

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