Alien Technology

Questions About Our World – Reverse Engineering Alien Technology May Answer

For more than six decades, the UFO phenomenon has been capturing people’s imagination. In this time, every attempt at reverse engineering has been futile. During the first ten years or so, a lot of researchers were motivated to work with the stereotypical disc shape, and many attempts were made to make prototypes of a flying disc while investigating its aerodynamics.

It was clear from the litany of conforming proof that we’re dealing with magnetic field effects. However, way back in the 1960s, that discovery didn’t get us far, no matter how smart we thought our knowledge of electromagnetism and materials.

Aliens as the source of all the technology

The 1984 conspiracy bestseller Chariot of the Goods popularized the concept that ancient civilization landmarks like Stonehenge, the Egyptian pyramids, and the Nazca lines in Peru were alien-designed landing sites and structures.

That line of semi reasoning proved famous because these places are difficult to understand products of ancient reverse engineering alien technology. Also, they are not the only ones. For instance, the Antikythera mechanism, which is a device assumed to be an astronomical clock, was designed by ancient Greeks. Naturally, people have thought it was actually made by an advanced alien species.

Considered by professionals as the most technologically advanced artifact to exist from antiquity, accredited researchers think the purpose of the device was to inform the user when solar and lunar eclipses would happen and to monitor the timing of the Olympic games. However, some people are not buying it.

Most experts try to give explanations for how the device could have been envisioned, made, and developed. However, all their concepts fail the tests of logic. There’s only one answer. Beings with sophisticated knowledge of mathematics, astronomical bodies, and precision engineering tools made the device or presented the knowledge for its creation to someone during the first century BC.

Aliens as the resource of modern discoveries

There’s an idea that people are surrounded by technology that was made from alien technology. Often, people say this is something that we have mistakenly understood as normal and other times. This refers to technology that has been set aside from the public.

In 2002, Gary McKinnon, a British hacker, was arrested by the UK’s national high-tech crime unit after supposedly doing extensive research into the computer networks of the US Army, NASA, Department of Defense, and Air Force.

He then told BBC in 2006 that he’s searching for proof of suppressed reverse engineering UFO technology and discovered it. He found out that there’s a group known as the Disclosure Project. They published a book with 400 expert witnesses ranging from military radar operators to civilian air traffic controllers, right up to the chaps who were accountable for whether or not to launch nuclear missions.

They were extremely reliable and relied upon people, and all of them mentioned that there’s UFO technology. There is also free energy anti-gravity, and it is extraterrestrial in origin, and they have captured spacecraft and reverse-engineered it.

He also claimed that he came across NASA communication where photographic professionals mentioned they regularly airbrushed out illustrations of UFOs from photos taken from high-res satellites.

Aliens as the source of new materials

Philip Schneider is a name that pops up again once you dive into the world of alien conspiracy theories. He’s a popular UFO whistleblower who claimed to be a structural engineer and geologist once hired by the American government.

Before his death under unexplained conditions in 1996, Schneider embarked on a series of lectures around the US to talk about what he claimed to be the established relationship between the American government and aliens. The entire point of the relationship is exchanging new technologies.

There was also a video clip of Schneider explaining the various alien metals, which have been made both in the confines of Earth and in outer space and are now utilized in every stealth aircraft. He also claims that the metal is composed of two elements: marinite (an alien element) and niobium.

Another report made by Robert Lazar, who told the media in 1989 that he’d been part of a secret military operation working on alien technology. He claimed to have encountered an alien material referred to as Element 115.

Lazar also claimed that the substance enabled aliens to strengthen gravity waves, enabling them to fly their spacecraft. Nonetheless, there were no records of Lazar’s employment at MIT and CalTech, which he claims to have attended. He also doesn’t have any record of his admission.

There are technologies that aliens will not give us

In 2013, the previous Minister of Defense, Paul Hellyer, told Russia Today that most of the technologies we use today are alien-based. He also explained that aliens would give us more technology if we were not such assholes.

If humans went approached it peacefully, they would be able to share the splendor of their technology: apparently, dropping the atom bomb was a major indication to aliens that humankind is too imprecise to deal with any more gifts.

One piece of technology believers assume aliens are holding back from humankind is clean energy. Scientists have already thrown out the concept that the star KIC 8462853 is surrounded by a Dyson sphere. It is a theoretical megastructure that can capture the power output of a star.

The counter of the aliens-holding-back-tech hypothesis is that they have not visited us. However, if they did, they would be environmentalists that they would wish to ruin right away.

It seems evident that the technology that is referenced in these stories is not part of any kind of reverse engineering efforts, but they’re bizarre tales. Lazar, Schneider, McKinnon, and Hellyer have all made efforts at convincing followers of UFO-logy that our technologies do come from the aliens—despite the reality that each of these techs has histories that confirmed prove otherwise.

Do these stories mean we should disbelieve stories connected to the existence of UFOs in the sky? Seeing them is disbelieving. However, there’s no quick, hard proof to support any of those reverse engineering stories, but what the stories do produce are more questions than answers—questions about the creators of such tales and their intentions for doing so forever on Earth.

Here’s a very exclusive showcase of Alien ‘Landers’ demonstrating what looks like a Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (SOFC) reacting energy upon its landing on/in water on surface to penetrate water table and sprawl geometrically. It’s an advanced ceramic/metal (cermet) white condensed matter technology with (green) colored anodes and cathode (red) reacting with air producing water contrails and propulsion. 

These are all at zero ‘0’  elevation!  I captured these 5 so far. 

Screenshot 04-04-2021 14.42.12
Screenshot 04-20-2021 04.48.06
Screenshot 04-19-2021 05.28.33
Screenshot 04-17-2021 08.49.16
Screenshot 04-19-2021 05.28.02
Screenshot 04-19-2021 05.28.22
Screenshot 04-17-2021 08.40.34
Screenshot 04-14-2021 07.27.43
Screenshot 04-16-2021 07.06.19
Screenshot 04-17-2021 08.39.36
Screenshot 04-06-2021 16.28.30
Screenshot 04-06-2021 16.30.35
Screenshot 04-14-2021 07.27.43 – Copy
Screenshot 04-05-2021 11.53.40
Screenshot 04-06-2021 16.28.06
Screenshot 04-04-2021 14.43.46
Screenshot 04-05-2021 11.53.23