Slide17 Secrest of the Winds Hello, I’m Johnny Tesone’s owner, geologist @ GeoVortex and I have launched the docuseries, “Secrets of the Winds”, an evidence-based, multi-science and technology video journal about my mind-bending, breakthrough discoveries over the last two years.  Nine (9) chapter title icons are these never-seen alien symbols found on Google Earth, as then deciphered into the most creative, profound table of contents imaginable. The series is a cogent earth system story, aspiring praise from Einstein or Da Vinci as I have found a naturally supreme, universe intelligence on earth.

Secrets of the Winds

TRILOGY 1  The Winds – Decades of geoscience work, education, and wilderness adventures in the Wind River Range of Wyoming have graced my life with the ultimate connection to awesome natural resources, spellbound from mountain lore while surrounded by breathtaking geological grandeur. This is where I found limitless creativity, a mecca of supernatural wisdom to explore and unlock earth’s deepest mysteries. The evidence was going to be unearthed by an explorer, now it’s time to share these monumental secrets with the world. Ground Zero – It’s July 2020, on the Wind River when I was lifted by a physical, super-peaceful force. I call it a vortex feeling on the day that forever changed my life. Mesmerized by the 200′ totem cliffs were these secret images radiating from the steep rock face, clues of unidentified fossilized objects. I traced the UFOs across the Winds, 60 miles north to south where I found microscopic samples that revealed the richly foreign rock and highlighted by the 1cm. embryo (EIN) alien fossil dated in the Precambrian Ocean and named this new earth period; Exterranium (ET) – 540 million years. The Chase  – The UFO markers led to more crater (ET) sites at Ground Zero where I discovered a native, aggressive burrowing species and the Chase was on.  Yet, another epiphany was identifying then matching the EIN (alien) embryo fossil to the WYO. ‘Little Man’ mummy x-ray, to the CO. burrow/skeleton sites then exactly to the Dinwoody petroglyphs in the Northern Winds. During this time, I experienced the pain and fear of the alien’s ingenious dart defense weapon. Such episodes are similar stories told by Native Americans of the creature’s affinity to arrows, ferociousness, speed, elusive nature and they are of water and rock. This is EIN; Exterran Infinitas Nimerigarus: Exterran (outer system) Infinitas (ever-living) Nimerigarus (little-people) up to 1-meter-tall bio-mechanized creatures. This is an extant worker species ~ 50,000-year life span. TRILOGY 2 Invasion – Abundant surface patterns on the western US plains show craters associated with terraforming water dam structures and miles long, parallel ground outcrops. This pervasive glider-flyer species is showcased by its global impacts, landing swarms with sprawling segmentation. Fortified with metallic rock, it penetrates deep into the surface creating, inhabiting, activating the water table.   EIG = Exterran Infinitas Giganteus @540 million years – today. 1.5 billion of Great Unconformity rock + fractal matrix species created abundantly and designed at landing to sprawl over time. Matrix – The matrix radiates the land, water, and glacial areas with spectacular crystal coloration. Connected, replicated, geometric forms and functions show materials sciences and earth-engineered blueprints. A timely field trip yields an astounding alien alloy (1cm * 3cm) piece formed by striking my 5 lb. hammer on a cement-like object. Scanning electron microscopy (SEM) tested the metal as a special alloy of Nickel + Cobalt + Iron + Carbon is Tesonite. Additional scanning electron and water tests on 10gm. ‘Green Ice’ alien gemstone proves this is an organically quantum species. The Plan – Universe Intelligence (UI) searches and pervades planetary systems with maximum geological conditions to acceleration and mechanization.      UI PERIODS: 

4. Current ->Future

Acceleration, quantum mechanization

EIM, EIG earth phase water control for alloy transition

System scales with the cycled pervasive bombings

3. Exterranium (ET)  540 million years -> Current -> Future

EIG earth launch inventory including EIN species

Geochemical preconformed, repurposed for invasion cycles

EIM earth landmass harvesting = 1.5 billion years

2. Terrangia (TG) 2.0 billion years ->540 my

Rocket speciation (EIM) Exterran Infinitas Maximus

Project earth code for speciation pervasion

Landmass sprawl

Exterran System rocket bombardment

1. Exterrangia (EG ) 4.5 billion years -> 2 by

TRILOGY 3 Science – Materials science and condensed matter physics are exposed in landing footprints of a 9-fold axis expanding exponentially at the surface. Advanced, older sites are complex strip alloy mining operations, cutting deep vertical cavities producing sorted mounds of colored powders to ultra-dense molds to the plasma phase. Results demonstrate sintering, powder metallurgy, spark plasma sintering, propellants, explosives, capacitor-discharge cells, refractory, electro slag welding, eddy currents, and Solid Oxide Fuel Cells.  Universe Intelligence = 4.5 billion yrs. geologic time + 1.5 billion yrs. rock volume + magnetism + String Theory. Return Burn – Right before our eyes, the 4.5+ billion-year Plan is being implemented. Google Earth captures from a 35-year time-lapse, the dramatic surface changes inside a crater of the alien alloying schemes accelerating at the redeployment site. Stunning comparisons to modern designs of burn chambers, payload stages, turbines, and fuel pumps. Launch sites glow of plasma ignitions, demonstrate the super matter warping, and cloaking. Infinity – Human Singularity manifests from the Universe Intelligence revealing an alternative nature, science, and technology. Time and matter acceleration will profoundly launch human breakthroughs for life, earth, and deep space exploration. This is a portal of limitless innovation; the power of superior intelligence is here for an ultimate purpose. The world may never know the origins or extent of the science, technology, and engineering of the celestial species.                                                                            Secrets Conclusion Recorded in this earth is a supremely designed system of materials science, condensed matter physics formulas of a mechanized, accelerating organic rocket species that landed, sprawled, and created earth’s early landmass because of the geological favorable conditions of this planet’s surplus water and core energy resources.  The integrated and engrained processing evidence shows a universe intelligence species’ conquest to alloy earth in a fractal nature, activating the super matter for launch and re-invasion cycles over earth’s history. The countless object sightings of today are the scientific material results from the rocket’s quantum alloy reactions of propulsion, cloaking phases to and from earth since this technology has been oxidizing for billions of years. Until now, it’s been beyond the geological data realm to coherently fathom and reconcile  The Great Unconformity as The Great Blast Off.   Bonus content and live event topics
  1. Secrets DiscoveryInitial discovery video of the story of an extraordinary scientific discovery of a greater than 500-million-year primordial earth event transcending time and space illuminated with astonishing new evidence of an alien formation and mineral preserved as a quantum geological episode supremely created to transport and sustain an advanced, intelligent species.
  2. Exterranium Quantum Conformity; Journey through the geological periods, explore the divergent path of early life that will forever change our understanding of the existence of ancient beings, unearthing the Great Mysteries of our world… Behold the deep vacuum of space, the tunneling sensation of time travel as Exterranium plummets through earth’s primordial atmosphere exploding into the warm, shallow equatorial ocean of Paleozoic North America as a 540 million earth bombardment period.
  3. EIN Files Exterran Infinitas Nimerigarus Fossilized alien eggs, bones, skulls, crystals to animated EIN claws… This is Exterran Infinitas Nimerigarus, the super worker subspecies. (EIN) are bio-mechanically programmed to manipulate, process alloys earth over their time living with the matrix, creating a science materials masterpiece for all the world to see, and why I estimate they live over 50,000 years. The species is documented along with a glossary of EIN body parts in Trilogy 1.
  4. Scariest Trails from the Chase – The video highlights the scariest discovery footage chasing down the alien creatures in Wyoming and Colorado. The opening scene almost made me discard all the research as I was so terrified of the pain from the poison Watch for skeletons, burrows, caves, petroglyphs, and electric force fields.
  5. Strings of LifeQuantum life crystallizes from a water droplet. A MUST-SEE FOR ALL SCIENTISTS AND PHYSICISTS! This is a real-time lab experiment that captures the results of a water submersion test of the ‘Green Ice’ gas-phase crystal found in October 2020. After only a few minutes, thousands of microbubbles erupted from inside the rock, and then the residual mineral water dried, and the crystallized alien specimens were captured on glass. This is real scientific history that captures natural quantum properties first ever recorded now released for the first time.
  6. A New Dawn of Discovery – This video captures the pace and intensity of the incredible science discovery story. A first-ever documentary science thriller, trail footage, and an education series unearthing the hidden, alternative dimensions crystallized on Earth. This is the Super Matter species.
  7. The Super Matter SpeciesMind-blowing images of the super matter species are in full display time warping, cloaking seeing these astonishing glimpses around the world of the beings disappearing and bending space Airlines CEO’s, military need not worry, these are not planes nor weapons and don’t interfere in our travel because this is a timeless species designed by the laws of a universe that we are witnessing for the first time. No wonder we have seen so many UFOs without finding them because we’ve been looking in the wrong place! They are the earth. This certainly doesn’t look like anti-matter or dark matter through the lens of this geologist. This is major breaking news for humankind.
  8. The Cobalt Crater – The discovery video illustrates a 35-year time-lapse, Google Earth flyover of a large impact crater isolating the super alloying processes in a defined, remote non-human natural setting. In this video, the viewer can visualize the electrical and physical material change developing over time in the crater. Displayed are the awesome science and technologies evident including sintering capacitor banks, powdering metallurgy, electro slag welding – molding, and mechanical annealing to rolling. Cobalt blue superalloy rods and other metals like Nickel bursting into brilliant sintering plasma rockets are stunning discovery highlights.
  9. T-Minus Maximus – Aug 1,’21 forms a 3cm. alien rocket on jet black alloy matrix.
  10. Desert Odyssey Solar System – 600-meter X 400-meter perfect, elliptical solar system map complete with the sun, orbits, planets, milky way, and the portal to system way beyond our reach.
  11. Chariots of the Celestials – 80 square km rocket sprawls from its larger > 500 sq. km mother ship creating a Wyoming mountain range still with an active oxygen plume billowing from the booster.
  12.  Tesonite Super Alloy Discovery – The trail of finding an alien alloy in the field and visually, geometrically compared to large Southern Greenland alloy phenomenon. Produced by a 5lb. hammer strike on a prairie terraforms in discovery video. SEM: Nickel 34%, Iron 21%, Carbon 18%, Cobalt 14%, Oxygen 6%, Nitrogen 3%. 1cm X 3 cm, supremely lightweight, without particle measurements to date.
  13. Rocket Mountain Factory – Active rocket redeployment site, active EIG tunnels, alloying process, and crater evidence in the Colorado mountains.
  14. Crystals of Infinity – Massively large, intensely beautiful geometric colors, infinite metal crystals transforming the ocean surface.
  15.  @Geovortex YouTube #Shorts; Totem Discovery, Alien (EIG) Anatomy, Earth Rocket, Road Crew, Energy Future, Alien of the Earth, Beauty of the Burn, Crystals of Infinity