Earth Alien Anatomy – Einthropology


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Narrative, glossary glossary-based, micro to satellite photo journal will focus on the habitat, purposes, Exterran Infinitas Nimerigarus (EIN) – Exterran Infinitas Giganteus EIG -This in-depth discovery episode examines the lore, the skeletons, water battery and the mind-blowing, self-defense dart weapon. Learn the real-time habitats of the species in everyday interactions that’s hidden in the subsurface and in the darkness of night.  Strikingly large comparisons reveal Big Foot, the Swamp Creature and other formidable creatures of our time and the apparent reason no bones have been found for these related monsters. They’re looking in the wrong place! There are multiple interdisciplinary applications with Einthropology.  This is the pivotal transitional species.


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