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Exclusive library launch promotion! Preorder now full online access and future release titles.  The content will build over time with updates released periodically.  Note: Files are  large, and importantly confidential if downloading.

Title releases to date:

  1. Secrets of the Winds – Discovery Chronicles of Earth’s Galactic Odyssey. May 2024 release!
  2. Yellowstone – The Explosive Nature, Fall Release, after my trip to Galapagos Islands – The post-Darwin journey.
  3. The Great Mass Extinctions – The 6 Great Mass Extinctions and the Top 3 Species are highlighted. Summer/Fall release.
  4. Earth Alien Anatomy – Einthropology. Summer release.
  5. Rocket Earth Exterranium – Premier investigation journal highlighting the earliest extraterrestrial landings delving into Early Earth, the Great Unconformity. Summer release.
  6. Snowball Earth – The Major Ice Episodes, the Great Oxygen Events and Early Life Evolution. Fall release.
  7. Fly Me to the Early Moon.  Summer release.
  8. Wind River Fishing Stories. Fall release with new 2024 footage.
  9. GeoVortex video library downloads are included, see @Geovortex on YouTube.
  10. Age of Man – 2025 release! Life and Times of the Wind River Indigenous people and ET encounters 10K years ago.


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