Things We Can Learn from UFO Sightings in Argentina

UFO sightings are not new. Certainly, humans have been describing many unidentified flying objects for hundreds of years, with depictions of unusual objects and disk-like objects found in the literature and art of old civilizations from the Sumerians and the Egyptians to the Greeks and Romans.

However, the modern age of UFOs took off in the middle of the twentieth century, right around the period of high-tech aircraft and rockets were being developed, often in secret. Was it a coincidence? Paranoia? Probably. In any case, those UFO sightings gained a huge amount of attention and raised many eyebrows.

Just recently, a triangular white UFO that popped up in Argentina started a debate. Other skeptics call it a small cloud. A famous alien hunter who studied the video strongly guaranteed that the sighting is real evidence of alien existence.

A strange video shared on YouTube by a user named Jesus Perez is currently one of the hottest debating topics among conspiracy theorists and extraterrestrial believers. In the video, apparently captured from Argentina on 28 February 2021, a white UFO could be seen flying over in broad daylight.

Is it a Small Cloud or a Triangular UFO?

The strange footage water was later studied by Scott C. Waring, a self-proclaimed alien hunter who is popular for making numerous unbelievable claims about extraterrestrial existence on the planet. After watching the UFO video, Waring guaranteed that the flying object was nothing but a white triangular spacecraft.

He claimed that it was triangle-shaped. It has three unique corners and is nearly cloud-like in appearance. UFOs typically have cloaks to look like clouds, but this one has only turned its color to white and still not having made a cloud around it.

On that day, the sky was cloudless and enabled people to see the thing well. The detail was also excellent. The UFO is a size of a vehicle and is slowing down, watching the human response to it.

The theory was then put forward by Waring and has motivated his supporters, claiming that sightings like those are evidence of alien existence on Earth. Nonetheless, the skeptics were fast to dismiss the alien angle, and they guaranteed that the strange object in the skies was nothing but a tiny chunk of cloud.

The Increasing UFO Sightings in the World

A few days before the sightings in Argentina, another UFO sighting that occurred in the skies of Santa Lucia airport Mexico has puzzled experts and witnesses alike. In the video of the alleged incident, a disc-shaped UFO could be seen flying in the skies as an airplane was taking off.

In another UFO sighting, an American Airlines pilot explained to have seen a cylindrical object that shot above the jet during a flight to Phoenix from Cincinnati.

The Unending Mystery of Alien Existence on Earth

Haim Eshed, a previous Israeli space security chief, guaranteed the existence of aliens. In an unpredictable interview, Eshed claimed that the world powers like Israel and the United States are working together with aliens and hinted at the existence of a galactic federation as well.

He also included that there’s a secret underground base on Mars where members of humans and aliens are working together.

Argentina’s Annual Alien Festival Event

Argentinians are positive that aliens from another world are living among them. They were so positive that the town of 16,000 people holds an annual Alien Festival that attracts tens of thousands of visitors.

Everyone can explore different events from an alien costume contest, a laser contest, a parade of Star Wars characters, and special effects that stimulate the arrival of aliens on Earth. There are also workshops along with regional speakers famous in the UFO community on how aliens contact humans, among other subject matters.