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Top Google Earth Aliens and UFOs Symbols, Sightings  – Maps to Look At111 

For many years, people have been making crazy claims that aliens are real. However, are they that ridiculous and bizarre? For many years, strange crop circles and Google Earth aliens’ sightings have been making big headlines in the US, particularly and across the globe.

Even professional archeologists have dug up bodies of old civilizations, looking for symbols and holographs that talk about ancient aliens who taught those old civilizations totally advanced technologies for their time.

Here’s a slide show of the very Alien symbols that I’ve recorded around the world on Google Earth. They have to be very large usually over 200 feet to have any meaningful resolution.  I’ve found that some sights disappear in new searches when trying to replicate an image on Google Earth. 

As massive as the universe is, it might be simpler to assume that aliens are the real than ghosts. Right? Are you planning on hunting aliens? Then you’ve to the perfect places. Here is our list of a few more places in the world to find Google Earth alien evidence.

Roswell, Nex Mexico

Roswell, New Mexico, is at the top of our list mainly because it is popular for more than only aliens. Did you know that town is home to different conspiracy theories? In fact, there’s even a show about the city titled Roswell Conspiracies: Aliens, Myths and Legends.

Do you remember the Roswell UFO Incident where a flat saucer was seen in the night sky? That’s one of the most controversial Google UFO sightings. The US military tried to cover up the sightings in the 1990s by publishing editorials about the use of nuclear test surveillance balloons. How odd is that?

Bonnybridge, Scotland

The locals of Bonnybridge in Scotland have been seeing alien activity and UFOs for a few years now. You have to think about how many of them are real, along with an average of at least 300 sightings each year.

The area has already become a tourist trap. However, some residents have been trying to get past the Prime Ministers to study the sightings, as a few folks feel unsafe in the region. Unluckily, there has not been any Prime Minister eager to resolve the concern because of the fear of looking foolish and crazy.

Westall, Australia

A UFO was found flying over a high school in Westall, Australia, in 1966. The UFO hovered for a moment before it touched down on a lush baseball diamond, leaving the huge form of a circle in the grass field.

At least two hundred students witness the small saucer touch down and leave again, followed by another three small craft. Certainly, no one believed the entire faculty and group of students when they reported it to the police, saying that they did not see anything. It was one of the first mass Google maps aliens’ sightings on the globe.

Joshua Town, United States

Joshua Town is one of those small rural road centers in California. It seems to have a strange feel to it, with its small-town feel and two streetlights. Nonetheless, the real show can be found in the desert. Many individuals go camping there, searching for UFOs in the clear midnight sky.

Did you know that it’s a national park and a famous camping site as well? You can do different on-site activities there, such as walking the trails, scoping out the species of the desert wildlife, and hanging out with rangers who could tell you about the stunning landscape, not to mention learning about the supernatural legends surrounding the town.

Broad Haven, Wales

Since the 1970s, folks have been reporting numerous alien sightings and UFOs in this place. Most residents have remembered seeing different silver men strolling around, while a few school kids have reported seeing flying saucers hovering in the sky.

Some of the sightings have been debunked, but the tourism levels are still high, bringing in many tourists each year. You will also find various UFO tours there, where you can visit the famous spots for UFO sightseeing. However, there are times that it’s challenging to have complete faith in how true those sightings are.

Highway 3, New Hampshire

In 1961, a couple was randomly driving south along Highway 3 in the area when they experienced a close encounter with an unidentified flying object. What they saw was a machine hovering low within the spot. After seeing the UFO, they report not remembering approximately two hours of their life.

That UFO sighting was considered one of the widely-spread alien abduction stories up until now. The couple, known as Barney and Betty Hill, did file a report with the US Air Force. Nonetheless, the story was leaked in 1965, spreading like wildfire. Even the Boston Traveler featured it as an article that year.


Chile is more than simply the home of the strange heads watching over Easter Island. The country is also the spot of the most alien sightings on Earth. In 2004, an image was taken in Parque Forest in Chili where a tiny bipedal creature was caught.

It wasn’t found until nearly fifteen years ago when an alien investigator discovered it. At the very least, the investigator was horrified by the images resurfacing. There have been sightings as well by the Chilean military.

Liverpool, United Kingdom

Liverpool is one of the biggest alien hotspots of the United Kingdom, with nearly seventeen sightings reported in 2016. Several towns have seen more than others, but the most coming at nearly thirteen since 2015.

The UFO activity in the city has even interrupted flights and departures in several airports.

Wiltshire, England

England is not precisely popular for its UFO and alien sighting. Nonetheless, Wiltshire is sought for that particular reason. It has been illustrated as a UFO hotspot, and the city plays into it very well. The whole town is only waiting for folks to arrive and spend their hard-earned savings, searching for UFOs, with many themed gift shops, hotels, and other tourist spots. Indeed, that might not be a good thing, as their most recent alien sighting was in August 2018.

So, have you witnessed an alien before? Do you have UFO stories you want to share? Which of these alien hotspots do you plan to visit in the future? Share your thoughts with us by leaving your comments below!