Top Reality-Based Things About Alien Engineers

Are you familiar with Alien’s Space Jockey? If so, you may find it one of the most iconic haunting and chilling creatures in sci-fi history. The classic film has introduced audiences to the ever-mysterious race. The Aliens franchise tried to explain the presence of alien engineers.

  1. History 

There is a big possibility that the Space Jockeys and alien engineers are not the same race. Most Prometheus fans were disappointed with what it had to offer regarding the Space Jokey lore, but foreign engineers might hijack their technology and ships as the real one could still exist out there.

  1. Culture 

Alien engineers’ culture tends to mix primitive cultural norms and advanced technological achievements. In the Alien: Covenant film, there is a Roman Empire-style instead of showcasing advanced technology. Top Reality-Based Things About Alien Engineers.

  1. Technology 

Before the presence of life’s first building of life on Earth, alien engineering technology tends to hit significant strides. However, it changed beyond the dreams of progression. This God-like race had transformed into a full Wall-E all of a sudden millions of years.Screenshot 07 05 2021 16.46.04

  1. Artwork

One of the critical scenes in Prometheus showcases the crew’s investigation of the engineer ship as Elizabeth Shaw shines a flashlight onto the wall motif, outlining Xenomorph. However, it makes no sense with regards to chronological perspective.

  1. Physiology 

In the movie, an alien engineer sacrificed himself to seed his DNA to the Earth and give the rose to humankind. In return, many people wonder why humans do not share similar physiology with them. For instance, alien engineers are believed to be stronger, faster, and taller than humans.

  1. Aesthetic Sense

One of the reasons why Space Jockeys worked well with Alien is that the design aesthetic design was uniquely and chillingly abstract. For instance, the iconic bio-mechanical Bone Ship comes with sharp angles, wet curves, and harsh lines.

  1. Bio-Weapons 

The alien engineer’s technology is far beyond humanity’s discovery and development. Based on the film, that race is obsessed with seeding different planets with life and playing God. Since they can perfect the craft timelessly, it is surprising that they are quickly overwhelmed by their creation.

  1. Enemies 

Alien Engineers also have to deal with enemies. The universe might be a big place; it does not necessarily mean that antagonists are not lurking around any corner.

However, it tends to be odd to see them putting up with much resistance, especially since they are literally millions of years old. Plus, they either have enemies progressing at a similar bell curve or come with technology that has started at hyperspeed.

  1. Hatred of Humanity 

According to some theories, Alien Engineers are hostile towards humanity. However, humans possibly wronged them in some way. There is also a possibility that Engineers have watched humanity’s progress and considered as a failed experiment.

Meanwhile, the Prometheus crew had discovered that Alien Engineers had been dead for almost 2,000 years. Humans have never sought them out prior to the Prometheus mission, so Engineers would possibly have glimpsed humans during their humble beginnings.

  1. Connection to Earth 

With regards to Prometheus, Engineers are responsible for life’s creation on primordial Earth, which resulted in humans’ eventual ride. Engineer and human DNA are almost identical, but no exact answer to how far the two races’ biological influence goes.

On the other hand, none of it makes sense. That is because it is questionable that Engineers would bother seeding planets like Earth, stepping away from it for millions of millions of years.

Do you find this post helpful? Hopefully, you got some critical ideas about Alien Engineers.