Top UFO sights and traces in Colorado/Wyoming


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These two states are a known hotspot for aliens and UFO activities, particularly in huge and distant places. This post aims to present to you the different unsettling stories of UFO encounters, sightings, and other strange events that continue to spark intrigue among people who hear them.

UFOs in Colorado

Colorado has recorded more than 3,000 UFO sightings from 2001 to 2015 and ranks eleventh in America for alien sightings. We do not know if all of them are real, but you might wish to do a double-take, especially if you’re searching the skies at night and saw something that does not look like an airplane.

Here are some of the popular UFO sightings in Colorado.

  • Colorado Military Baserainbowplane 1

A report UFOs over Colorado that was included in Project Blue Book—a retired investigation by the US Air Force into UFOs—narrates a sighting at Colorado Springs’ Peterson Air Force Base way back in 1949. It was mentioned that three Air Force personnel cited that they saw numerous circular objects hover over the base. The objects were also found passing over a B-52 aircraft at a very fast speed rate.

  • Mutilation of a horse in the San Luis Valley

There’s a story of Snippy, a horse whose death made national news and remains a mystery even today.

A 1967 journal entry from a local family narrates the day a caregiver when searching for the horse when she did not show up for her treat and water. The caregiver then discovered Snippy lying on her side, dead with her head skinless. The published journal also mentioned that the cuts on the animal’s head were so precise that it was unlikely another animal had attacked the horse.

The caregiver also mentioned a powerful chemical scent in the site around the horse, and investigators traced a huge amount of radiation levels throughout the crime scene. The nearest hoof prints were discovered 100-feet away from the horse, and no other tracks were discovered. The strangest thing is that the bushes within 100-yards of the horse’s body were leveled.

A medical professional later discovered that the thyroid, heart, and lungs of Snippy were eradicated with precise cuts. On top of that, the abdominal organs and brain were missing from its body. No blood was seen on the ground around the horse nor on her skin. The cause of the horse’s death remains to rattle curious minds today.

  • Strange orbs chronicled over Fort Collins

This is a recent UFOs Colorado sighting. In August 2020, a woman took to Twitter to post a video clip of what she claims to be an unidentified flying object over Fort Collins. Two orbs of light float next to one another in the sky and alternate a flashing sequence.

Further study led people to think the aircraft could have been a Google Loon balloon or a weather balloon, even though others continue to believe otherwise.

  • Truck driver loses his memory in San Luis Valley

In March of 2001, a truck driver reportedly witnessed a bright light in the sky in San Luis Valley in the southern part of Colorado. The light then suddenly showed in the road ahead of him on US 285 close to Saguache.

The truck driver mentioned that he slowed his truck to pull over to the side of the road. However, he does not recall what happened next. When his memories resumed, he was driving on the same highway past Saguache to Monte Vista.

He paused in Monte Vista to fill out his logbook at the truck stop but then understood the previous four hours were unaccounted for and forgotten. The man describes feeling claustrophobic in his trucks and having violent nightmares since the strange lapse of memory and time.

UFOs in Wyoming

In October, a truck driver saw UFOs over Wyoming. Wyoming is a desolate state and the least population in the United States, clocking in at least 500,000 residents. The roads there are long, and the stretches between towns could seem to take forever, even for a professional road warrior. On top of that, the black of the night could rattle even the toughest of bones.

The trucker’s report from late October in 2019 is hardly the only report of UFOs Wyoming sightings to happen in Wyoming. The state has a well-reported history of aliens, and not shockingly, most of them have happened at the natural landmarks of the state.

One of the weirdest landmarks in the state is the Devil’s Tower, a sturdy laccolithic hill of igneous rock standing a magnificent 867 feet from summit to base. Marked with profound, inexplicable striations running along its side, the Devil’s Tower stands in the Bear Lodge Mountains close to Hulett and Sundance in Crook County, above Belle Fourche River.

A mountain of reports is accessible about the UFO sightings around Devil’s Tower, which includes one made to the National UFO Reporting Center (NUFORC) in October 2011 about a bright silver object along with a silver trail flying at a high rate of speed.

In August 2013, another report was made to NUFORC about numerous green orbs of light moved randomly on a hillside.

A year after, another testimony from July 2014 was made by a couple who had stayed at the Devil’s Tower while on a trip. The man took a few images with an iPad, and the photos were taken one right after the other, within seconds. When they looked at the images, they noticed something hovering above the tower.

Alien sightings in Wyoming are scarcely limited to Devil’s Tower. Nonetheless, there are reports of UFO activity occurring all across the state from Cheyenne to Rock Springs and beyond. One of the most prominent reports happened in 1982 after a lot of people saw a UFO flying over downtown Cheyenne.