Was Earth Created and Populated by Aliens? Top Hints

Individuals who look for aliens on Earth are more likely to think of flying saucers in the sky and green creatures. However, what if they must be looking at the tentacles in the deep ocean?

One paper claim that octopuses and other cephalopods have their origins on another planet brought here as eggs on some steroid in Earth’s distant past.

You see, it is quite an unbelievable idea and surely not true. However, the concept of life on our planet originating from another planet is not as totally crazy as it might look. The concept is referred to as panspermia. It is also not that impossible, even though there is not a whole lot of proof backing it.

What is Panspermia?

Broadly defined, panspermia is the concept that genetic materials or living organisms could travel between planets in the solar system. Not to mention even between the solar system and nearby stars.

Other life forms—such as the tardigrades and particular species of fungus and bacteria—could flourish and survive for a long time in the vacuum of space. On top of that, an experiment of the ISS discovered that a series of microbes survived fine in space for at least two years.

Actually, microorganisms surviving in space are a concern for NASA that the institution has a certain Planetary Protection Officer dedicated to ensuring it does not take place by the incident.

On top of that, you know that other materials from one extraterrestrial origin could wind up on another planet. On our planet, we have a collection of rocks from Mars. However, nobody went to that planet to acquire them. Instead, we discovered them here on Earth. At some point, an asteroid impact on Mars delivered rocks into space, and some of them found their way into our planet.

All it would take for life to move from Mars to Earth or even vice versa would be for an asteroid to impact a site along with some microorganism. For those organisms to flourish the impact.That all would be enough to survive it all, even if the chances of such a thing occurring are extremely slim.

Hints Aliens Seeded Earth

Here are some reasons we can say that there’s an alien origin on our planet.

The entire Universe might be nearly empty space, but those finite-sized objects will experience collisions with each other. Planetesimals, comets, and asteroids, among others, smash into major planetary bodies. It can kick a giant amount of debris into space with sufficient energy.

That debris could create rings of moons, fall back to the planet, or journey throughout the Solar System and beyond. That is not only conjecture, but we have gathered the proof for meteorites from other worlds, including Mars and the Moon, which have made it to our planet.

Take the most genetically complicated organisms existing in the world today and try sequencing their DNA. You can consider the length of their nucleic acid sequences, such as the proteins, non-overlapping genes, and other unique information encoded within them. Try to go back through the fossil record and trace how that complexity has changed.

You will see that the most complicated organism to exist at one point in history follows a certain growth pattern. Try to return to the Earth’s origin, and you’ll have the complexity that is difficult to comprehend from random chance: nearly 30,000 base pairs in your genetic sequence.

On the other hand, try to travel a few billion years more like the pre-Earth origin of life. There is a casual chance that you can find an account for such a seed. Perhaps people only need to study the interstellar medium to prove ancient life.

You see, people have never yet presented how life came from non-life on the planet. No lab test people have ever done has started with totally non-living components and ended with “life.” Still, the Universe provides us massive hints that life. As you understand, today certainly originated from non-living forerunners.

The signs come in different forms. Organic molecules such as complicated carbon rings, amino acids, and sugars, among others, are seen in intergalactic space and outflows around fresh stars.

On the other hand, dying stars show many complicated molecules, including ethyl formate and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons. Those are molecules offering raspberries their fragrance.

Did you know that even meteorites that have fallen to our planet have all twenty amino acids seen in organic processes on our planet and sixty others, including most with the opposite handedness to the ones people use? A good example of that is the Murchison meteorite that struck Australia in the early 1960s.

You can find the different forerunner ingredients to life almost everywhere. All they needed the proper set of conditions to make life.

This is another extraterrestrial life theory about Earth. Keep in mind that the Universe was around doing its normal thing for more than nine billion years before that.

Given the massive amounts of cosmic time that passed and the number of stars and star systems that have existed throughout the history of the galaxy.

you will find a huge potential for ingredients from one part of the Milky Way to enrich any other.

All it needed was for life to have arisen once, which could give for an origin to life on an infinite number of subsequent worlds.